M Nepal

Mobile based
service delivery

  • Enables targeting of 66% of the potential clientele or 6.99 Mn. new customers
  • Enables anytime, anywhere transactions - improving utility of accounts and driving up activity levels and float in accounts
  • Less expensive compared to POS based systems

Established linkages
for payment services

  • Ability to offer mobile top-ups, utility bill payments and G2P payments
  • Improves utility for end customers – as a result, increases activity levels and floats
  • Potential stream for incremental revenues

Seamless linkages
to the bank CBS

  • Allows a full suite of products to be offered to customers, increasing revenue opportunities
  • Enables use of multiple transaction channels for customers
  • Facilitates maintenance of larger balances in accounts- improving float revenue

An established
agent network

  • Building up a large agent outlet through-out the country for customer is in transactions
  • Local agents likely to be more comfortable for lower income clientele vis-à-vis branches
  • Eliminates the need for the bank to invest in setting up an agent network on its own
  • Reduces the need for a large branch network and associated costs

Trusted and reputed

  • Association with eServGlobal ,who would provide the mobile banking platform
  • Advisory support from IFC, member of the World Bank Group
  • Promoters with knowledge and experience of various aspects of mobile money operations

Provision for

  • Established tie-ups with SCT and NPN, the major switch providers in Nepal – potential access to 120+ banks
  • Interoperability with multiple banks and mobile network operators
  • Will help drive domestic remittances as a revenue driver

A diversified
product basket

  • Offer a variety of payment services including mobile top-ups, utility bill payments and G2P payments
  • Source accounts and facilitate transactions for member banks in the country
  • Increase customer walk-ins to agent locations
  • Incremental revenue with minimal upfront investment or additional running expenses

the network

  • Interoperability capabilities provide customers with transaction points across the country – with no additional investment
  • Additional revenue opportunities enable sustainability of agents in locations hitherto considered unviable
  • Support to streamline policies and procedures to drive expansion

Exploit cross-selling

  • Target core business customers for mobile money services and vice versa
  • Improves utility for customers – as a result, increases activity levels and potential wallet share

Eliminate process

  • Assistance in standardising and streamlining processes
  • Route your own supply chain payments using the mobile platform
  • Liquidity management support
  • Agent monitoring support
  • Assistance in agent training
  • Call centre for customer and agent support
  • Hands on troubleshooting support

Improve marketing
and communication

  • Leverage bank relationships to enhance visibility and drive core business alongside the m-banking business
  • Support to help standardize and streamline marketing and communication