M Nepal

Wallet Account

The technology platform will offer mobile wallet accounts that will allow access of financial services at agent points. In addition it would allow linking of wallet to CBS hosted bank accounts. It will provide access to formal financial services to the unbanked. End customers can conduct various transactions such as cash in/out at agent points, wallet to wallet transfer, wallet to bank account transfer, airtime top up, bill payments, and other mobile commerce payments.

Banking Account

MNepal will provide a mobile based technology platform to banks and financial institutions to enable account access through use of technology. Existing customers of these institutions can link their bank account to the mobile banking platform. This will allow them to conduct various transactions, such as balance enquiry, bill payments, merchant payments and account transfer, etc.


MNepal will provide payment services through its technology platform. The payments can be done both by mobile banking account and mobile wallet account. The organization will provide services such as airtime top-up, domestic transfers, bill payments and G2P payments which have a potential for higher acceptance and quick scale up.

Monitoring and Supervision
of Agent Networks

As ANM aggregator, MNepal will monitor and supervise the agents/agent network managers to ensure consistency of service delivery and for quality control. This increases bank outreach, reduces the need for a brick and mortar branch network and the costs associated with it. MNepal will also ensure brand maintenance and management by supervising all branding and marketing related initiatives.