M Nepal

1. Linkage to Banks & FI's

  • Allows a full suite of products to be offered to customers, increasing revenue opportunities
  • Enables use of multiple transaction channels for customers
  • Facilitates maintenance of larger balances in accounts – improving float revenue

2. Interoperability

  • Established tie-ups with SCT and NPN, the major switch providers in Nepal – potential access to 120+ banks
  • Interoperability with multiple banks and mobile network operators
  • Will help drive domestic remittances as a revenue driver

3. Agent Networks

  • Building up a large agent outlet through-out the country for customer is in transaction
  • Local agents likely to be more comfortable for lower income clientele vis-à-vis branches
  • Eliminates the need for the bank to invest in setting up an agent network on its own
  • Reduces the need for a large branch network and associated costs

4. Target Customers

  • Focused to provide financial access to unbanked population through issuance of mobile wallet and creation of agent network.
  • Providing Banking Services to 10.59 million of population which are unbanked segment
  • Enhanced financial transaction services for the existing banking population through mobile banking services