M Nepal

The table below explains the core values, represented by the acronym “SPIRIT” that guide MNepal.

Socially Responsible Maintain high standards of conduct, truthfulness and honesty in all dealings to honor the commitment made to the customer and to other stakeholders. MNepal will make socially responsible decisions that do not adversely affect the interests of the customer. The organization will constantly strive to strike a balance between economic goals and social responsibility.
Professional Maintain high standards of professional ethics and behavior in dealing with customers. MNepal will bring knowledge, expertise, high quality work and commitment to protect customers’ interest.
Innovative Deliver innovative and user friendly financial products and services through state of the art technology and a user friendly interface. MNepal will develop in-house expertise and partner with other likeminded organizations in its endeavor to constantly innovate.
Reliable A trustworthy partner to all the financial institutions in Nepal, providing a technology plat form that is robust and secure, and a reliable and trustworthy agent network. MNepal will strive to increase clients’ confidence on the technology platform and the agent network by consistently enabling successful transactions.
Informed MNepal will keep abreast of market developments, technology updates, and changing dynamics in the financial sector. As a constant learner, the organization will strive to learn new aspects relevant to its area of work and endeavor to provide the best solutions to the customers (both banks and financial institutions, and end customers).
Team Spirit MNepal will be passionate and enthusiastic to achieve the common goal of delivering financial products and services to the customers. All employees of the organization will work together to create synergy that results in exponential growth.